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2014 annual report

2014 Annual Report

It is always inspiring to me how on a college campus we really do “dwell in possibility.”

We are surrounded by the immense possibilities of our students' developing minds and prospects. Our learning facilities and tools offer nearly unlimited potential in the hands of our thousands of students and professors. And the promise of discovery and innovation to improve the world beyond our doors motivates faculty and students to push ever ahead with their ideas.

Emily Dickinson’s words on abundant possibility came to mind as we reviewed the ambitions achieved and plans set forth at SUNY Oswego in 2013-14: We inhabited new buildings, with shimmering windows and solar panels. Students, including our first class of Possibility Scholars, spread wide their minds to grasp new knowledge and launch into careers. A record number of students sought admission, and we composed the strategic plan that will guide us through the coming years.

President StanleyAs you read of all the possibilities realized and envisioned at Oswego during the past year, I believe that you, too, will be inspired.

Deborah F. Stanley