Future Ready

2013 annual report

Foreword by SUNY Oswego‘s president

2012-13 was an incredibly exciting year for SUNY Oswego, a year that positioned us for a vibrant future. In this report, we hope to show you how we fared, with focus on our vitality, international ties and engaged scholars.

The year brought us new places for learning and engagement, an influx of funding to propel us to excellence, new academic programs to launch students on rewarding careers, and impressive faculty talent to ignite students‘ intellectual passions. It saw our college‘s international connections and their consequences for the future multiply.

President Stanley with visiting scholar Angkun Qi

As we align our college with what we foresee to be future realities and work to meet new needs, our students and faculty continue to demonstrate that they have the drive and understanding to lead change and develop solutions to shared challenges.

I am tremendously proud of all that our college community achieved in 2012-13 and encourage you to share in our Future Ready spirit.

President's signature
SUNY Oswego

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